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Taking Steps Toward Building

A Confident Financial Future

Our Comprehensive Planning Process

Step1: Introduction and Gathering of Data Lancaster, PA Kylén Financials, Inc.

Step 1. Introduction & Data Gathering

Our onboarding process for new clients typically begins with an introductory phone call. During this time, we’ll learn more about you and why you reached out and share more about our process and services. You’ll be asked to review our Financial Inventory Checklist, which you may use to collect necessary documents and organize your financial picture in order for us to craft your plan.

Step 2: First Meeting Lancaster, PA Kylén Financials, Inc.

Step 2. First Meeting

Once your information is gathered, our first appointment will take place in-person or via Zoom or Skype, depending on your preference and location. During this time, we will begin the financial literacy process to dive deeper into the documents and information you have organized.

Step 3: Financial Literacy Review Lancaster, PA Kylén Financials, Inc.

Step 3. Financial Literacy Review

During our second appointment, we will review the basics of financial literacy as it pertains to your needs and work through your retirement timeline. This allows you to see what you are targeting for retirement, based on your current savings and cash-flow expenses. It also allows us to illustrate how we can improve the future outlook, fill any gaps and help achieve your financial goals in health, disability and death.

Step 4: Product Education Lancaster, PA Kylén Financials, Inc.

Step 4. Product Education

The third appointment involves product education. We will educate you on the various ways your financial plan may be implemented. This involves developing an understanding of investment products, insurance solutions, debt management techniques, savings strategies, etc.

Step 5: Plan Implementation Lancaster, PA Kylén Financials, Inc.

Step 5. Plan Implementation

Now that you are a financial literacy pro and have your unique financial plan in hand, you can confidently decide if you are ready to implement your plan. If you choose to move forward, we will discuss the details involved with putting your plan into action and complete any necessary paperwork to get started. 

Step 6: Ongoing Maintenance and Review Lancaster, PA Kylén Financials, Inc.

Step 6. Ongoing Maintenance & Review

Once the proper paperwork is processed and accounts are opened, the last appointment involves reviewing account statements, setting up online access, etc. We will also decide how you would like to engage on a regular basis moving forward. We’ll stay connected throughout the year, but encourage you to set the tone as to how often you would like to meet.

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